Since, Mr. Kejriwal has assured that the GBPEC will be given its campus and action will be taken against the corrupt officials, Mr. Joshil K. Abraham will be ending his 25 day long hunger fast at 4.00pm today in the presence of Sh. Sahiram Pahalwan, AAP MLA from Tughlakabad.

Why are the students of GB Pant Engineering College protesting?

G B Pant Govt. Engineering college was established by Delhi Government in 2007 in the abandoned hostel block of G B Pant polytechnic with the promise that the new campus of G B Pant Govt. Engineering College will be built in the vacant land available with G B Pant Polytechnic for the emerging young population of Delhi. Now even after the passing of 10 years, G B Pant Govt. Engineering college is still running in the same abandoned hostel block of G B Pant Polytechnic. Now it is alarming that the government has declared that the seats in G B Pant govt. Engineering College will be increased from 3000 to 7000. While the fact is that there is only 860 students in the college and the fact also remains that the current abandoned hostel building or the entire land available on G B Pant Polytechnic campus cannot cater to the needs of 7000 students and hence the plan seems too far fetched unless G B Pant Engineering College is given 150 acres of land (DTU has over 163 acres of land and hosts around 1843 students!)

Back in 2007 this was the original proposal of our college. The campus was planned to be built in 60+ acre land with ultramodern infrastructure facilities.

The construction of campus was given to DDF Group and the image shown above is from the portfolio of the group.
Checkout the campus plans here and here

The campus is currently confined in a 2.4 acre abandoned hostel building. The green area on map shows the planned campus area for the college and yellow area represents where the college is confined.

The current building doesn't even have enough rooms for every class. There are only 9 rooms in total which can be used for teaching. Fun fact is that government announced on 8th March 2017 that the college will take in 7000 students from next year.
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