Campaign Timeline

April 27 51st Day of protest


A press conference was addressed on 27 April in Press Club of India by Advocate Prashant Bhushan (Supreme court of India) and Joshil K. Abraham (Assistant Professor, G B Pant Government Engineering College who is on indefinite hunger fast for the past 23 days since April 5, 2017).

A massive land scam amounting to thousands of crores was exposed wherein 25 acres of land was given free of cost to IIITD, an autonomous private-public institution.

Serious documents acquired through RTI were revealed by Joshil K. Abraham who is on indefinite hunger fast for the past 23 days (since April 5, 2016) to which the Delhi government has turned a blind eye. The documents relating to the fact that IIITD is private-public partnership were shown.

A note by the Superintendent O/o Advisor to Delhi CM (Anti- Corruption) based on the investigation done by his office was shown which clearly stated that the allegations levelled by Mr. Joshil K. Abraham in his complaint are clearly established. View Note Plaintext version

April 20 44th Day of protest


Earlier in the day, at around 1 pm the students met Kerala Chief Minister, Mr Pinarayi Vijayan and submitted a memorandum to him. He said that he knew the issue and will look into the matter

A committee formed by the Delhi Government met the students and Joshil K. Abraham in AIIMS and requested him to end the fast and also said that if he continues with the fast there could be action taken against him. He told them that already, the police has taken brutal action and he does not fear any action since he is fighting for the basic rights of his students. He also talked to them about the corruption and they accepted that there are lot of problems in the construction of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology-Delhi (IIITD)

He told them that the Civil writ petition will be coming in the Delhi high court on Friday (21 April) which is going to be argued by Advocate Prashant Bhushan

The students are continuing with the protest and will be having a candle light March asking with their parents and friends at Jantar Mantar tomorrow(21 April) at 6.00pm

The Principal of G. B. Pant Government Engineering College Prof S. Maji has tendered his resignation according to sources and a new Principal Prof. O. P. Verma has taken charge as the Principal of the college

April 19


Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice-President, visited professor Mr. Joshil K. Abraham who was on the 15th day of his hunger fast to protest and demand for a campus for the students.

Mr. Gandhi understood the problem and gave unconditional support of Indian National Congress to the issue.

He also said that he will take up the issue with the Delhi Chief Minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

A meeting was held by the students with a committee set up by DTTE to look into the grievances of the students.

April 17


3rd and 4th year students who had their exams today, boycotted them to raise their voice against the action taken on their professor Mr. Joshil K. Abraham on 14th April, Friday

Students submitted a letter to the Principal demanding answers to their valid questions

Today, was the 13th day of Mr. Joshil’s hunger fast against the massive corruption in the construction of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology-Delhi (IIITD) and in support of the demands of his students for a campus

Also, a letter was written to the President, the Prime Minister and the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi to intervene in the matter

View Letter to President, Prime Minister, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi

April 14


More than 120 policemen take Prof. Joshil to hospital, using extreme force on a peaceful protest.

Prof. Joshil who was on his 10th day of fast was examined by a doctor at 2.00 pm wherein he reported that all the vitals of Mr. Joshil were in OK range.

At around 10.00 pm, more than 120 policemen entered the college premises and without any medical checkup or without talking to Mr. Joshil’s lawyer, on baseless facts they took Mr. Joshil with brutal force to AIIMS hospital without any permission/discussion with him. He was writhing in pain, but the police payed no heed and barbarically took him away.

Now, since Prof. Joshil K. Abraham is outside the safety of the college premises, there is extreme threat to his life as he is whistleblower of a land scam worth more than ₹5000 crores.

Watch Video - Police forcefully taking Prof. Joshil to AIIMS against his wishes.

April 12


Students visited Sh. Sahi Ram Pahalwan, AAP MLA from Tughlakabad constituency. Mr. Pahalwan conveyed the message of CM Sh. Arvind Kejriwal, that a committee has been made to look into the irregularities of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology-Delhi (IIITD)

Students were on the 3rd day of relay hunger fast. For many students, this is the 4th day of hunger fast

Due to a strike at Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya Hospital, no doctor has visited Prof. Joshil K. Abraham who is on the 8th day of hunger fast and whose condition is deteriorating day by day

April 11


Students met Sh. Manoj Tiwari, MP from North-East Delhi seat, Delhi BJP State President in the morning. Link to the video

Students met Sh. Arvind Kejriwal, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi at his residence. They briefed him about the whole matter, to which he replied that even after the 36 days of protest, he is not aware of our issue. He told the students that he will look into the matter after Delhi MCD elections.

Mr. Himanshu Bidhuri, son of Delhi BJP MP Sh. Ramesh Bidhuri visited the college and gave unconditional support of ABVP student’s union.

Mr. Sahi Ram Pahalwan, Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) MLA from Tughlakabad seat also, visited the college and met Mr. Joshil K. Abraham. Mr. Joshil told him to get all the corrupt officials involved in this case, suspended by night and told him that the CM Sh. Arvind Kejriwal should visit the college.

April 10


Police insisted Mr. Abraham to visit hospital but in vain. They later called an ambulance for medical check-up and found irregular blood pressure and low sugar levels

Students met Shri Manoj Tiwari, BJP MP from North-East Delhi seat. He promised to visit the college as soon as possible

MCD election candidate Sh. Jeevan Lal from Harkesh Nagar, Okhla visited Prof. Joshil K. Abraham and gave unqualified support of his party, Janata Dal (United)

BSP candidate for MCD election from Harkesh Nagar seat also visited the college and gave unqualified support of Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP) to the protest

The students visited the LG office where they were assured of a meeting with the LG as soon as possible. Conversation regarding this was also held with private secretary to LG, Sh. Vishwendra through email.

Tomorrow, the BJP MP Sh. Ramesh Bidhuri from South Delhi seat is expected to raise a question regarding the condition of GB Pant Engineering College in the Parliament session

April 8


Dr. Anand Kumar, founding member of Swaraj Abhiyan, retired professor of sociology(JNU) and a great student leader of his time visited G.B. Pant Govt. Engineering College at 4.45pm to support the students demanding for a campus or the past 32 days.

He guided the students on how to take the campaign forward.

He talked to Sh. Prashant Bhushan and ensured that he will take up our case as a PIL on pro-bono basis.

He also contributed ₹500 to support the crowd-founded campaign and reminded the students that they are the young electorate of Delhi.

He was accompanied by Prof. Ganga Sahay Meena, associate professor at JNU who helped the students gather support from Swaraj Abhiyan.

A visit of the BJP Delhi State Secretary Mr. Vikram Bidhuri was confirmed on 10th April 2017

April 7


Despite repeated requests from the students and other faculty members to call off the fast, Joshil sir continuing on his indefinite fast to fight against injustice

We had a meeting with Dr. Harsh Vardhan, BJP MP from Chandni Chowk who helped us in taking our issue to the LG of Delhi.

We also had a meeting with Sh. Yogendra Yadav, founder Swaraj Abhiyaan, who has done exemplary work in raising the issues of the people of India. He listened to all our problems and promised to support us.

Tomorrow, Prof. Anand Kumar, ex-professor of Sociology JNU, representative of Swaraj Abhiyaan, who has done great work in the field of activism, will be visiting our college at 5.00pm to raise our voices further.

Also, a doctor from a Govt. College did a check-up of Joshil Abraham sir who has been on a hunger fast for the past 3 days.

April 6


Joshil K Abraham sir adamantly and with full dedication, continuing his fast.

April 5


From today, Mr. Joshil K. Abraham, Assistant Prof., HAS Department has gone on an indefinite hunger fast to demand for a campus. We have knocked all doors. But, no Government authority is listening to us. So, to make the deaf hear the legitimate demand of students and against the corruption in the construction of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology-Delhi (IIITD) due to which we are being denied our basic rights; he has resolved to take food only when the demands of the students are met

April 2

As the days pass on, the students have started feeling that the Government is acting deaf and dumb. Despite being aware of the situation and the condition of the college, the Government has decided not to respond in any manner possible. But, the students are planning to take the classes outside of the college to symbolize a peaceful protest in which the functioning of the college is not being interrupted.

April 1

The campaign is going strong with the students sacrificing all their comfort by staying outside the college gates on the dusty roads and under the scorching sun. But, no authorities payed heed to their demands

March 31

With students outside the college gates throughout the night and all through the day, many media houses covered the campaign. The faculties along with principal requested the students to call-off the protest from outside the college gates with concern for their health and safety, but the students denied from disobeying their teacher’s orders. Today, some students went to the press conference of Mr. Manish Sisodia, Dy. Chief Minister to put forward our problems. One of them was called for a meeting with a minister in which he bluntly refused to provide the campus or any facilities to G.B. Pant Govt. Engineering College

March 30

More than 300 students went to the CM Office, Delhi Secretariat to demand for their campus in 20 acres of land and an academic block, a hostel block, a sportsground, a sports complex, an auditorium and faculty residences from the phase 2 construction of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology- Delhi(IIITD). They submitted a memorandum at the Chief Minister’s Office and were assured that their issue would be taken up with the CM

A meeting was fixed with the Secretary, DTTE at 5.00pm. The students along with their faculty and the principal went for the meeting. But, the secretary did not meet/talk to the principal at all. The meeting with the students was a complete failure as the secretary was just trying to trivialize the issue

When the students reached the college from Delhi Secretariat, an order had been issued by the principal with pressure from the higher authorities that no student shall enter the college after 5.30pm. The students decided that they will continue the protest outside the college gates and the strike will go on and no student entered the college. Also, no administration vehicle entered or left the college premises

Read Official Notice

March 29

The students have planned to conduct a protest demanding their campus at the CM Office, Delhi Secretariat so that the busy Chief Minister of the Govt. of NCT of Delhi can take out time to address his own students. #chalosachivalaycampuslene

March 28

Today, a meeting was called by the Director, DTTE with the principal, the faculty and the students of our college. The meeting was a complete failure with the Director refusing to comment on any of the irregularities in the construction and plans of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology- Delhi

March 27

The students called-off the strike demanding the principal to write a letter to the Deputy Commissioner of Police(South-East) telling them that:

  • 1. No police personnel should enter the college premises from now on without permission from the principal.
  • 2. To get a meeting arranged for the students with the Secretary, DTTE.
  • The principal ensured that these demands would be met and the students called-off the strike.

March 26

The protest continues and the students are continuing the night stays. We have received immense support from our parents and alumni in the past few days

March 25

All the 860 students of the college stand united to demand for their basic rights- a modern campus. The students are continuing with their demands as the campaign gets larger on social media.

March 24

Due to the total ignorance shown by the Chief Minister and the higher authorities towards the students demands, the students have called for a strike in which the whole college building was treated as a hostel building- its actual reality. The police entered the college again with up to 5-7 policemen and a gypsy entered the college premises without any contact/approval from the principal. The government and the authorities are just trying to intimidate the students. The students continued their strike while the principal requested the students to call-off the strike. The students have just one condition- their demands should be met. The night stay continues as the protest escalates further

March 23

Since, there was no response from the Chief Minister, the students continued with their plans to go to the CM residence and demand for their rights. As he had not come to the campus, more than 300 students, their parents and faculty went to the CM’s residence on 23 March 2017. The students had done a peaceful protest in front of the CM residence from 6.00 PM to 9.30 PM when the CM finally used the police force to chase the students out of the protest venue. The students had sent a memorandum to the CM, but it seems that he has decided not to respond. He had even sent the police inside the campus on 23 March 2017 at 11.00 pm in the night and the police had tried to intimidate the students. The police entered the college premises without any correspondence with the principal.

March 22

The students waited with great hope throughout the day, that the CM will come and address their needs. Understanding that being the Chief Minister, he may have been busy, they are quite positive that he will come tomorrow before 5.30pm. #chalocampuslene

March 20

The students have written an open letter to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal telling him to address their demands by 23rd March 2017.

Read Open Letter

March 17

More is being written about the campaign in the print media. While the students are planning to escalate the matter further

Dainik Jagran   Financial Express   Navodya Times   Business Standard  

March 16

The night stay protest is going strong while the campaign got live media coverage.

March 15

The students of G.B. Pant Government Engineering College conducted a candle light march with more than 200 students and more than 50 parents and alumni. The march was started at 8.00 pm on 15th March 2017. It was conducted within the current building of the institute and through the staff quarters of G.B. Pant Polytechnic. The march was conducted to demand for a campus in 20 acres of land with a hostel block. Banners were put up in the college. The students raised slogans such as “We want campus” and “Campus for GBPEC”. This was followed by an address to the parents and alumni regarding the demands and to ask for their opinions. The parents gave their unequivocal support and said that the demands of their children were correct and a basic need for any educational institution. Notably, the current building only has 9 rooms which is insufficient for the current 12 classes

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March 14

We are working hard to make the candlelight march a success- so that our voice can reach more people.

March 13

The students are planning to hold a candlelight march on 15th March at 7.00 pm to gather more support for their fair demands. They will be accompanied by their parents and alumni

March 11

The students have registered more verbal support from their parents, alumni and the faculty.

Dainik Jagran

March 10

The Additional Secretary of DTTE, Mr. Tripathi along with the Joint Director, Mr. O P Shukla (who was responsible for all the irregularities which led to the illegal buildings plan approval of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology-Delhi) had visited the students. The students turned them off demanding that they would meet only with the Secretary, DTTE. The campaign has successfully got media attention which focused on the deplorable condition of the college

Navbharat Times   Times Of India

March 9

Third Day of Night Stay

The students continue gather more support for their valid and fair demands and needs. The media came in the daytime to cover the student’s unique protest.

March 8

Second Day of Night Stay

The peaceful and unique protest is going strong with more than 50 students doing night stay and demanding for a campus

March 7

First Day of Night Stay

The students have started staying in the college building and are treating it as what it actually is- a dilapidated abandoned hostel building unfit to run a government engineering college. The principal came to the college at 10.00pm in the night promising students that work is being done upon their demands and discouraged them from doing the night stays. He also showed concern for the safety and well-being of the students.